Maja and I took a mini-vacation this week. Laura was working so we decided to have some one-on-one time with the two of us. We drove the convertable down to Kolmården (approx. 333 km) and visited the zoo. Saw some shows like the Dolphin show and Birds of Prey show. By means of their “Wild Camping” arrangement, we spent the night in tents _in_ the zoo, next to their “Savanne” area where the gnu’s, zebra’s, giraffes, ostriches, antilopes and more stayed overnight. Later that night we got a private tour around a part of the compound where we met llama’s, wild dogs, bizon’s and came upclose to lions. Quite impressive actually.

The next morning, we spend about an hour or two in the resorts’ spa area after which we spent the rest of the day in the park again. Around 4 pm we met up with friends that practically live around the corner and spent the night at their house. Next day – after a great hike around the marble-mines and surrounding nature – we drove home again.

We saw some rain during the trip back which we didn’t care about on the highway (=if you drive fast enough you won’t get wet inside the car) and for the rest we had the best a time you can imagine. Sun, love, adventure, nature and friends…

A time to remember….


Below, first a few pictures made by yours truly, then some pictures made by Maja (=she ran around using my “old” camera) and lastly a movie from our camping.

Tim Pics:


Maja Pics:



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