Studio – Complete!

Now I have the octabox and background I’ve longed for, my studio is complete! Surely, there’s room for upgrades and improvements, but I”m not missing essentials anymore. It takes me about half an hour to build up a make-shift studio in the living room. If only I had a real studio or garage ….


Anyway – today’s results: Maja and Lucy!



edit – and a bit of Elly too


After training

Each sunday, Maja and I are training athletics. This explains the clothing in the pictures. And today we’ve had yet another girl from Maja’s class in our home. Soon I’ve had the opportunity to photograph them all 😉

I feel more and more I’m getting towards the limits of my background and light source. Need to upgrade. I’m getting however getting more used to providing “instructions” to the model(s) I think I’m ready for the next step.




Not a studio, but a little bit like it

I’m getting more and more enthusiast about shooting with external flashes. I think it’s fun and it’s something where I can see myself learning. I see results, even though I do not have a lot of specialized equipment. I’m secretly dreaming of a background, flashes and more space 😉