Kungsbackaspelen 2021

Sort of a tradition already. I help out IF Rigor -the athletics club I have been a trainer for- with their annual “home competition” called the Kungsbacka Spelen.

And this year it was not different. Myself and one more person (Cleas) spend 2 full days in the booth right in the middle of the bleachers which we share with the speaker (Morgan) and have fun while running what we call the “sekretariat”. The days are long (we arrive almost first and leave almost last) and I walk a lot, and it is very rewarding. I receive great satisfaction from seeing “my pupils” from a couple years ago that are still active, performing fantastically and having fun. As well as being able to meet all these fantastic volunteers that offer their time and expertise for the benefit of the sport.

When signing up for the task, I do have a few “perks” that I ask for. One of these perks is that I get to walk away every once or so to take some pictures. Here is a completely random selection of pictures that I took during the latest version of the Kungsbacka Spelen as organised by IF Rigor

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