12 course dinner

There is this restaurant in Kungsbacka (where we live) that have a special dinner service. The service is limited to 3 weeks, 4 nights per week and 3 tables per night. Rather limited and exclusive in food, beverages, venue, atmosphere, etc. etc. We were lucky to be able to book us in for this 12 course dinner.

The restaurant is called Cosa Table, and the service is called “Cosa vid Havet” (Cosa at the sea)

As I hope you understand, this was a fantastic experience. A sitting of approx. 6 hours in an old boathouse from the 1700’s, with great company, food, drinks and hosts. I just had to document and show.

So this is what the food looked like:

And this is what the rest looked like. Venue, hosts, table-guests, etc.

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