An almost 170 km drive away from here is a place where you can ski. There are more places around here and some of them even closer, but today Vallåsen was actually the place where I could get Maja her own private teacher for an hour so she could learn the basics of skiing. Somehow I feel I wasn’t the most approapriate person to do so (haven’t skied since high school) and she better learn properly from the beginning.

So we drove off right after lunch and arrived “just in time” -> we rented a kit (ski’s, boots and helmet) and we dashed off to meet our teacher. Turned out we were assigned “Jakob”. Maja was a bit anxious about listening to a boy, but she accepted still. He immediately dragged her off and up the slope, let her go and Maja just followed. She hardly fell, but was challenged properly. After not even half an hour she went up with the lift by herself, was doing a good “V” as you are supposed to do and even managed some turns left and right.

About 45 minutes in, she had enough – she was cold, tired, anxious (still from Jakob) and hungry. So I rewarded her with some pancakes and warm chocolate. We returned the kit, drove back home and promised ourselves we were going to try again! A succesful day as far as I am concerned ..

The pix don’t excell in quality, but they are meant to give an impression of how our little princess went down the slope today: like a pro if you ask me!

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