Jul på Liseberg

Just like singing songs for Lucia, so is Liseberg’s Christmas a tradition for us that live in and around Gothenburg. Today is actually the fourth time Maja has been at the “Christmas Liseberg” this year, only because Laura recommended so 😉 Nah – not really, but they have an ice-skating ring which Maja wants to try and they also have a baby-ski-slope that Maja liked very much when she was last there with Laura. So today Emma and Maja were allowed to go there with the two of them.  The weather was actually cold. It was about -6 degrees with a nasty wind that didnt make it warmer. We ended up going inside about 4 times just to warm up.

So what was today’s program?

Iceskating, food, Skiing, indoor, Warm Chocolate, Mirror Palace, Rabalder, Tower, home.

We enjoyed ourselves a lot, please check out the pictures as proof.

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