Wheels and cast

Maja got her new cast today. The old one (red) was only on the back-side of her leg for swellings and stuff and meant to last only 1 week. Today it is one week ago she broke her leg so today we had an appointment for new X-rays, a conversation with a doctor and a new cast.

The new cast is a “full-cast” which means around her leg. This time Maja could choose between black, blue and yellow: she picked blue. After the new cast, new X-rays were taken followed by a conversation with a doctor (Thorsten)  He explained that all was looking good: Maja is allowed to try to move, lift, turn and even walk on the new cast. Even though it will be  slippery since it is plastic. The fracture is not in the growing-zone, and looking as it should. We were really pleased with the results. Best thing was that the cast will now be removed even _before_ my brother comes and visits with his family. We followed up this hospital-visit with a trip to Lejonet och Björnen (=the best icecream in the world) to celebrate.

Below two pictures of Maja speeding around the living room by herself in her new set of wheels!

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