Car races again

And this time not Folkarace, but the TTA races held in Gothenburg, at the Gothenburg City Arena. Located at pretty much city centre, it’s a rather hidden gem of a circuit, stretching out into the harbour and a small “circus” (corners 1 – 6 of 10) with bleechers around. Since Stena is sponsoring a part of the TTA series I was able to buy tickets relatively cheap. Since it did collide with Laura’s return from the US after a week’s vacation (and we obvisouly had to pick her up from the airport) I was not able to see and enjoy the entire day. Rather, I only arrived just in time for the last and final race: the “grand final” of the TTA series.


Previously the same day, I missed qualifying and races for the Abarth series and the GT series. Both with fun and interesting cars. Abarth series is build on the Fiat 500 Abarth and the GT series is populated by 500 Bhp cars like Audi R8, BMW Z4, Ferrari 458, Porsche 911 and the likes. But enough about what I missed.


I arrived just when the GT series were doing their post-race-tire-burning and managed to miss that since I was looking for my seat on the bleechers. So I found my spot. Saw the track empty and took a walk through the pitlanes. Rather empty: the GT class had not returned yet, the Abarth series had allready packed and the TTA series were allready out on the track. That means: back to the bleechers and wait for the race. The races themselves were not extremely eventful. Only a handful overtaking-actions and 2 pacecar situations due to crashes (of which the first one was during the warm-up lap :0 ) But, I managed to take a few pictures that I thought I’ld show you. Please find thm below. Funny to see that Saab was still driving as a team and (what feels like) a third of the teams were sponsered by Stena. I personally was most interested in the Volvo Polestar cars driven by Rustad, Dahlgren, Bj√∂rk och Ekblom. Note: it was actually rather fun to find out there was a dutch driver too: Duncan Huisman


Enough with the talk, here’s the pics:





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