Audience at Gothenburg Improv theatre

Since Laura started taking improv theatre classes at, we’ve been to improv shows 3 times. Today was the first time we were there while Laura wasn’t on stage, and I took some time taking pictures. Here goes:



The narrator of todays performance:



Two “barber-shop-singers” performing their typical bee-bopping near a fountain in the woods: 



Theodore the rat found and started listening to the barber-shop-singers:



Thunder showing Theodore the rat what’s he’s capable of:



The opera-cat performing her falsetto:



Theodore the rat listening when the Brown Dog (who let the dogs out?) and the Opera Cat fight about pretty much everything:



When rats are scared (which they are easily) playing dead is their first defense mechanism



The rat Rupert is carrying the ham / still leg / wooden leg while the rat Alexia listens and lord Cumberbatch (?) is ignoring him.




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