Rhubarb Blues Band

Getting more and more “contacts” that need pictures taken. This week it was a blues band called Rhubarb Blues Band. Check them out on facebook and soundhound!

It was the first time I shot more then 2 people on “location”. The first hour or so I was completely alone.  The lack of chemistry that we usually have when shooting (=multiple fotographers) plus the pressure of having to perform and come up with various different positions / poses was harder then I thought. Lessons learned again, but proud of results still.

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Few things are as sweet as young babies. Our neighbours happen to have one of them, which I could “borrow” for a short while to practice on. Lovely, sweet, 2 months old Harry. As a fantastic bonus I also got his 2,5 year old sister in front of my lens, which once again reminded me again how important it is to have props 😉 Continue reading “Baby”

A Model!

… and I get in touch with Samantha. Or rather, Samantha gets in touch with me. We decide upon a place and time and the rest is visible here below. Note the sub-zero temperatures and Samantha being so “cool” to take of coat, gloves, etc. Continue reading “A Model!”