Two weeks ago he won the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. Yesterday he performed at our own little Liseberg. A great concert where Måns Zelmerlöw prooved himself a real entertainer. What a show. I loved it .. Continue reading “Måns”


Last week I got the chance to shortly talk to John Hagby, a rather well-known photographer from Gothenburg. He was pitching a new set of flashes (which are way out of my budget) but he triggered me into playing with flashes again. Some results below Continue reading “Drinks!”

Rhubarb Blues Band

Getting more and more “contacts” that need pictures taken. This week it was a blues band called Rhubarb Blues Band. Check them out on facebook and soundhound!

It was the first time I shot more then 2 people on “location”. The first hour or so I was completely alone.  The lack of chemistry that we usually have when shooting (=multiple fotographers) plus the pressure of having to perform and come up with various different positions / poses was harder then I thought. Lessons learned again, but proud of results still.

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Few things are as sweet as young babies. Our neighbours happen to have one of them, which I could “borrow” for a short while to practice on. Lovely, sweet, 2 months old Harry. As a fantastic bonus I also got his 2,5 year old sister in front of my lens, which once again reminded me again how important it is to have props 😉 Continue reading “Baby”