It’s been a while since we did something fun with only the three of us so yesterday we decided to go to the Liseberg with just the three of us. We had a great time! We bought ride-free-all-day-passes and spend almost all day in the park. We arrived just after one and left just before the park closed at 22:00. There’s a few rides that Maja is not allowed to ride yet, but she loves all rides. I loved it when she wanted to ride the “bunny-hop” (=small round boats that tour around a the bunny-living-quarters which is one of the first rides kids can go on) and afterwards the Lisebergsbanan which is a long and scary roller-coaster 😉


I’m particularly proud of Laura. As you can see she is not completely fond of all the scary stuff, but she joined us for almost all rides. Only two she skipped but she joined us in all other rides. Most of the time that is. Yeay Laura!!


It is most likely the last time we visit the Liseberg before they re-open for Christmas. It’s a great park and we love going there. Too bad it’s not for free 🙁


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