Pierced ears

Not sure who wanted this more: daddy or Maja herself but since a few days Maja was ready for it: she wanted her ears pierced!

We got recommended a place at Frölunda Torg so today we went there. We walked around a bit and entered the store. Filled in the forms, did what we had to do and Maja backed out. She was too scared. The store clerk recommended we take a little walk and come back later. Usually that works out good. In about 5-10 minutes Maja made up her mind: I WANT TO. REALLY.

So we went back and she got her ears pierced. She changed her mind in terms of first-time-earrings that have to stay for 6 weeks and we went ahead. It didnt work out really well with Maja’s left ear but after a bit of convincing even that earring stay put.


She’s been smiling all day since then.


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  1. Mooie combinatie van gaatjes en fiesenstalling! Dat belooft wat voor een prachtige toekomst.
    Hoop eea spoedig van dichtbij te bewonderen. liefs en kus van Omajanneke

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